I'm that fustachioed furbrained oddity Vel, which is short for Velivian, I'm a furry Lion/Rabbit. Discord: Fesothe#0122

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Velivian Fesothe
27 Bentley Court, Victoria Street
United Kingdom
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3D, Gaming Videos, Politics.
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PayPal: https://paypal.me/fesothe
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Crypto: velivian.crypto - BTC, ETH, ZIL, LTC, BAT, IOTA.
KoFi: https://ko-fi.com/fesothe
L$'s: https://my.secondlife.com/steampunk.gears
Bronze & Silver 3D Printing Training - Ultimaker, at 3DGBIRE June 2016. Peta
I’m a member of the furry fandom (a furry) and my fursona is robotic steampunk pirate “a ringmaster of robots” that is based on my Second Life avatar and is a combination of lion and rabbit parts. Though I primarily see myself as a Lion.

I joined Second Life in 2006 where I started modelling using primitives and became a registered mentor, inSL: Roger Blackhawk, SteamPunk Gears.
More Information
3D Modeler of Fesothe 3D:
Fesothe 3D is a showcase of my 3d work and houses my product and merchandise store, which you can purchase to help support animals.

With 50% of merch profits going to support stray and rescued Romanian dogs (Fesothe) and 50% to support horses, donkeys and camels in the Pyramid area of Cairo, Egypt (Kilynn).

Visit Us: https://fesothe3d.com
Chairman of The Furry Party:
The Political organisation for Furrys, Animal Enthusiasts, and Animal Rights Activists.

Help us setup The Furry Party, and change politics for the furry good.

The Furry Party is a political organisation that spearheads ongoing efforts to establish furry led political parties around the world.

We’re starting in the United Kingdom.

Visit Us: https://the.furrys.party
Founder / CEO of FurShows:
FurShows is a cultural archive and aims to be a streaming service, we will also be registering a subsidiary, a social enterprise that reinvests funding and ad revenue to help furry creators make and develop content, and shares those created works with the furry fandom through the furshows.org entertainment website and it’s associated apps.

Visit Us: https://furshows.org